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Gemstone Treatment
The process of enhancing the quality of gemstone in some extent by some procedures is called Gemstone Treatment. Many natural gemstones found today are treated to improve their appearance and quality. Some different types of treatments are:

1.   Cavity Filling
2.   Fracture Filling
3.   Coating
4.   Luster Enhancement
5.   Impregnation
6.   Diffusion Treatment
7.   Dyeing
8.   Heat Treatment
9.   Irradiation
10. Reconstruction

Some of these treatments are permanent and some are not and some are meant to make a less desirable stone more valuable. While some of these treatments are also common to the industry, it is important that the consumer be told at the time of the sale that the stone has been "enhanced" to look better. Heating of gemstone is considered as the most common and old practice in gemstone treatment. There are certain new practices that are more controversial and are not always welcomed by the gem society. Some treated gemstones need extra care while cleaning and wearing.

At Ninci.com, we carry a large range of gemstone jewelry and only few of them have gone through some popular unharmful treatments. Please note that these treatments are globally accepted by all the gemological society and considered as a regular phenomena. Here below is a list of the gemstones that are being treated with the type and details of their treatments.

Gem Type Treatment Details
Agate Heated Improves appearance and color
Ametrine Heated Improves appearance and color
(Not White)
Irradiated Improves color intensity or produces unique colors
Emerald Colorless Oil Improves appearance
Ruby Heated Improves appearance and color
Sapphire Heated Improves appearance and color
Tanzanite Heated Improves appearance and color
Topaz (Blue) Irradiated Improves color intensity
Tourmaline Heated Improves appearance and color
(White & Blue)
Heated Improves appearance and color

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