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Gemstone Buyers Guide
Taking Care of Gemstone
    All jewelry needs protection from scratches, sharp blows, extreme temperature and harsh chemicals, and here below are some tips on how to keep them in a proper condition.
    1. Store jewelry separately wrapping in fine fabric in a cool dry place so that they don’t scratch each other and extreme temperature or humidity doesn’t do any harm to your jewelry.

   2. Don’t forget to take your jewelry off while doing house hold works and only put them back on after washing and applying makeup.

   3. Cosmetic like hair spray is very harmful to the jewelry, so always keep jewelry away from them. 

   4. Chlorine can damage gemstone and so do not wear jewelry while swimming on pool.

   5. Use lukewarm water and white cotton clothes to clean your jewelry. The resistance to scratch for each gemstone reduces as their level of hardness reduces. Even though all gemstone needs special care and direct hit or blow will scratch the gemstone or break it into pieces, gemstone with the hardness below 7 needs special care. There are some gemstones that are sensible to sunlight, some are to chemicals etc. Here below are some tips on how to clean and take care of some gemstones and the respective gemstone jewelry.

Gem Type Cleaning & Taking Care
  Alexandrite : With the hardness of 8.5, this gemstone can be worn everyday. To clean alexandrite jewelry, please use gem cleaner.
  Amber : The gemstone has very low hardness i.e. 2.25 and so need special care when it is worn. To clean this gem, please use soft polishing cloth not a gem cleaner.
  Amethyst : This gemstone becomes paler under sunlight. So direct interaction of sunlight is prohibited. You can use a gem cleaner to clean the gem.
  Ametrine : If kept under for longtime, Ametrine may change its color. Gem cleaner or lukewarm water can be used to clean the gem.
  Aquamarine : Relatively hard gemstone Aquamarine can be worn frequently but direct interaction with sun is still prohibited. You can use a gem cleaner to clean aquamarine.
  Chalcedony : This popular gemstone is prohibited to be cleaned with gem cleaner; instead you can use a polishing cloth.
  Citrine : Can be cleaned with gem cleaner but still need to avoid direct sunlight on it as it pales the color of citrine.
  Cubic Zirconia : This lab created gemstone has a hardness of 8 – 8.5 and can safely be cleaned with gem cleaner. Demantiod Garnet: It is safe to clean this gem with gem cleaner and of course like all other gemstones, they may break if struck directly and crushed.
  Diamond : Considered as hardest natural substance, they can still be broken if hit hard enough. To maintain its brilliance and to clean, we recommend using a gem cleaner regularly.
  Emerald : As emeralds are mostly being treated with oil to hide flaws, it is recommended not to use or clean emerald jewelry with any gem cleaner or soapy water. Clean it with warm water and cotton cloth.
  Garnet : All types of gemstones from the garnet family are safe to be cleaned with gem cleaner. Iolite: Gem cleaner can be used to clean this gemstone and to increase its brilliance.
  Jade : Jade is not recommended to wash with gem cleaner instead use a polishing cloth and warm water.
  Lapis Lazuli : Steam clean or using of gem cleaner is prohibited for Lapis Lazuli; instead we recommend that this gemstone should be cleaned with polishing cloth.
  Moonstone : Gem cleaner is not recommended to clean moonstone, instead use water with a soft polishing cloth.
  Opal : Opals are hydrous and so need to be kept in hydrated place or they may crack or splinter. Do no use gem cleaner to clean this heat sensitive gemstone jewelry. Use water and soft polishing cloth to clean Opal or you may apply oil to protect from cracks.
  Pearl : Pearl is very sensitive to hairspray, cosmetics, perspiration or any other acids like lemon juice and vinegar so avoid direct interaction with them. Use the solution especially for pearls or water with polishing cloth to clean it.
  Peridot : Peridot has a relatively low hardness and steam and ultrasonic cleaning is strictly prohibited. You may use a regular gem cleaner to clean Peridot.
  Ruby : Ruby is a relatively hard gemstone and can be worn regularly. Ruby can be cleaned with steam and ultrasonic cleaning.
  Sapphire : Sapphire is a very durable gemstone and can be cleaned with steam and ultrasonic cleaner.
  Tanzanite : Tanzanite should not be exposed to direct source of heat. This gemstone jewelry should not be steam or ultrasonic cleaned.
  Tiger’s Eye : Steam or ultrasonic cleaning is strictly prohibited for Tiger’s Eye, instead use a polishing cloth.
  Topaz : Use gem cleaner not steam or ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for topaz as extreme heat and vibration may damage the gemstone.
  Tourmaline : Use of regular gem cleaner or warm water with polished cloth is recommended to clean this gemstone. Steam or ultrasonic gem cleaning is prohibited for tourmaline.
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